Style by Trade packs with Lapoche

I am completely pedantic when it comes to packing for a trip. I have an inner conflict of trying to pack enough stylish outfits to last a lifetime but also to pack light (as I like to shop big while away). I also spend most of my packing time fumbling with how to fold my shirts to minimise arriving in a luxe location and spending the first half day I'm there ironing.

So when I discovered Lapoche travel accessories I was intrigued. To be honest, I'd never considered travel accessories an essential as I thought they just took up vital luggage space. But boy was I wrong. Among my favourites are the outfit organiser and shirt pack. It's like magic how these things fold up outfits into tiny packages. And when arriving they are as crisp and crease free as they were when I packed them!

The outfit organiser has pockets, hooks, zip compartments - a space for every element of your outfits. Once everything is in it's place, it folds into a little more then an A4 bundle and fits perfectly into your suitcase. Its also a great way to organise yourself on the other end, especially if your hotel room is tight on space.

With my shirt folding skills being well below average, the shirt organiser is the perfect travel companion. There is a specially designed illustrated instructional board (yes, it caters to guys like me who don't read instructions) with how to best fold your shirt and fit it perfectly into the organiser. It fits stacks of shirts (or pants) and folds neatly into a little rectangle, compacting the shirts and keeping them crease free.

There are a myriad of nifty travel accessories in the Lapoche range - all of which have their own magical luggage minimising powers. They are light weight, washable, and extremely handy. You'll be a happy traveller with these in your suitcase. 

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