The Ultimate Guide to Couples Packing

Sharing a suitcase with your loved one on your next getaway? We know this can be challenging, especially when it was your ‘brilliant’ idea and now it seems physically impossible to fit everything neatly into one space, but do not fret. We have created a Lapoche packing bible just in time for your romantic Valentine’s Day escapes. In correspondence with our team of packing experts at Lapoche, simply follow this 3-step process and we guarantee ‘two-people one-suitcase’ wars and brawls will be a thing of the past.



Although online packing lists can be helpful, we recommend preparing a personalised list to suit your trip. Sit down and give yourself time to prepare the perfect list as only you know the weather, duration and activities that you have planned. It is all about fine tuning your list so check if your accommodation provides items such as beach towels, a hairdryer and other essentials to help free up space. Recognise the length of your getaway… A shorter stay does not require a toiletry bag as big as your head. Perhaps op towards our small Toiletry Organiser option which will keep all of your bathroom essentials protected and ready for use without the bulk.

Use this customised list when packing, ticking off items as you go. This will avoid the classic double up or the dreaded forgotten pieces. If your list is precise enough then you will also escape the ‘do you really need that’ stand-off.



Well, well, well, who would’ve thought?

Packing cubes (or ‘cells’ as they’re often referred to) are every traveller’s suitcase staple as they provide a flawless and chaos free packing solution. Dividing and maximising all space possible, investing in some quality travel accessories makes all the difference.

Our pieces at Lapoche showcase our signature ultra-light premium fabrics that will last for many trips to come. One of our most popular items, the Luggage Organisers are available in three mix and match sizes to help you achieve a personalised packing solution to separate your travel goods and maximise your packing space. They are extra useful for packing with someone as your things can be packed together but stay separate – making it easy to unpack upon arrival.

Our larger pieces are shaped to hold bigger items such as coats, jumpers and to provide space to contain a few days-worth of outfits in one simple organised cube.

Our smaller sizes are better for containing and protecting t-shirt, shorts, swimmers and all of your other travel must haves. E.g. jewellerysocks and jocksbras and undies. (Yes, we have developed a specific packing tool for all of those essentials to help maximise suitcase space in an orderly fashion).

Helping to streamline both the packing and unpacking process for every traveller our carefully crafted Luggage Organisers are durable, washable and ultra-lightweight. The see-through mesh panels assist with garment identification and increase breathability promoting compact and smarter packing.



Do not underestimate the power of colour coordination and never forget that sharing is caring.

Whether it’s your honeymoon escape, 10-year anniversary getaway or a little Valentine’s Day treat, colour coordination is key. When choosing from our packing pieces we recommend the use of one colour for you (bags the new spruce green, it’s lovely), another colour for your partner and, one central colour for shared pieces. Although this may seem excessive, it really isn’t and it will make sorting and unpacking easy. No more "where is the sunscreen" or "where did you put my boardies" thanks to easy colour organisation. Likewise, sharing is important. Be aware of items that you only need one of, e.g. toothpaste and combining dirty laundry in one central laundry bag to further increase space and keep the trip easy and organised. Lucky for you, we have created the perfect Laundry Bag which has two contained pockets for laundry items and features a water-resistant lining. So, think smart and think colour.

Happy packing travellers and don’t forget to pack smarter. You can thank us later.