Top tips for stress free family packing and travel

Family holidays… whilst there’s nothing like heading away with your gorgeous family to soak up some sunshine and escape the every day, we’ve all experienced complete packing chaos trying to get sorted and out the door in time for our flight.

Arm doors and cross check for Lapoche… whilst I had Lapoche before I had my kids, my love for it got even stronger the first time my husband and I holidayed with our two little beauties in tow. We all know travelling with kids means travelling with at least four times as much luggage, which in our haste to get out the door often results in everything getting thrown into the suitcase altogether, making it a nightmare to organise at the destination. As a result, we spend our whole holiday with a messy unsorted suitcase next to our bed. Is this sounding familiar?

I’ve included below some of my top tips for stress free family packing and travel which I hope will help you as much as they’ve helped me.

1. Pre-planning

Once you’ve locked in your trip, every time you think of something you’ll need to take, pop it on a list on your phone so it can’t be forgotten. You’ll avoid that sinking feeling on the way to the airport that you’ve left something behind. 

If there’s anything you need to buy for your trip such as new bathers for the kids, try shopping online and have it delivered in time to pack.

2. Packing

Fact. It’s standard for us all to pack at least double the amount of clothes to what we actually wear on a trip so save yourself the back strain and excess baggage fees and think about what you really need! How many days/nights are you going for? Do you have any specific occasions you’ll need outfits for? Just pack enough of yours and your family’s favourites to last the trip. And remember, there’s always the hotel laundry if you run short.

Easier said than done, but aim to have all your packing done the day before you travel – that way you’ll have time to reflect and if something has slipped your mind you’ll have time to add it in.

When packing for a family, lay all clothing out on the bed in piles for each family member so you can see it all in one space. Think logically about what pieces will be worn together and pack accordingly into Lapoche’s pieces such as our garment cubesluggage organisers and shoe bags. Utilise Lapoche’s clever colour coding mechanism; place each family member’s clothing in different coloured pieces, so that when you arrive at your destination, you can simply pick up their colour of Lapoche and pop it into the relevant hotel room/drawer. Pop your toiletries in one toiletry bag and your kids’ in another. Hang our water-resistant laundry bag in the hotel cupboard or bathroom and pop in any dirty clothes to avoid mixing them with the clean for the journey home.

Secure all your docs into a travel wallet and you’re off and away.  Our pick is Kinnon leather's Bird travel wallet.

3. For the plane

You’ve made it! To the airport that is. Now you’re wondering how you’re going to keep the kids entertained (and your in flight neighbours happy) for the hours in the air that lie ahead. Whilst most airlines have in house entertainment with dedicated kids channels, the trusty iPad or phone pre-loaded with their favourite shows is still a good way to go. Other essentials I’ve discovered through my travels, depending on the age of your kids include…

  • Magnetic play books: these allow kids to play without any parts going missing. Sticker books do a similar job, but once they’re all stuck, it’s game over.
  • Water colouring books: a refillable water filled pen that allows kids to draw pictures onto the colouring book without any mess. It’s reusable too, so as soon as the water has dried, they can colour in the same page again
  • Snacks, snacks, snacks: stock up on your little ones’ favourite nibbles and dish out as required. Throw in something chewy for take off and landing to help with their ears
  • Have a smaller item such as Lapoche’s large watertight pouch in your carryon with nappies, wipes and cream that you can pull out quickly for an emergency change situation
  • If you’re travelling at night, board your kids in their PJs and bring as many of their home creature comforts for sleeping as you can. The more familiar it is, the more they’re likely to drift off.. and so can you

4. Upon arrival

A friend gave me a tip that has fast become my number one must do when holidaying in an apartment… do your food shopping online before you leave so it is there on or just after arrival. This allows you to arrive, have food ready to go for the kids and avoid spending part of your first day writing a shopping list and heading to the local supermarket, allowing more time spent with your precious ones.

This little tip, combined with having your suitcase packed with Lapoche will save you countless hours on your first day of holiday mode, which would be far better spent poolside with a cocktail in hand. Holiday bliss!

If you’re not sure what Lapoche pieces are right for your family, email us at we're here to help.