Travel Saviours | Long haul trips with family

Food and travel writer Renae Smith @renaesmithmc knows how to pack smarter when travelling with family.

Okay – let’s talk luggage.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t handle a messy suitcase. Especially if you’re going to be living out of your suitcase for a little while, compartments make life SO much easier.

I use Lapoche to keep everything in neat sections so I can find what I need quickly – and my bag doesn’t turn into hell whilst I am travelling! The bags are also colour coded so you know that you’re looking for the ‘green or ‘red’ bag which makes it so easy.  I have my jeans rolled tightly and then put in the red bag. Underwear is folded – with the green bag having two sections for tops and bottoms. The red clear pouch is my first aid/flight supplies like Panadol or Rescue Remedy etc. Compartments inside your suitcase is the way forward… trust me on this.

Best part?  I use these for hand luggage AND for regular luggage as they keep everything so neat. NEATNESS and happy OCD means a happy Renae.  

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