Get on with your travels and pack smarter with Lapoche

A unique, innovative and practical range of travel accessories designed to make packing and organising for travel easier.

Keep your favourite shirts and pants crease-free, silks and shoes apart, toiletries contained and laundry separated. lapoche pockets separate and organise your luggage to ensure that everything arrives in perfect condition without adding extra bulk and weight to your travel goods.

Versatile, durable and washable, mix and match Lapoche pockets and colours to suit your personal travel requirements.

Each pocket is made with quality, durable and fully washable fabrics and trims that easily fold away to store.

We are constantly researching, speaking to our customers and evolving our product range to provide travel and storage solutions that make life easier and take the hassle out of travel. As frequent travellers, we know how much easier it is when you're organised and in control.

Simple.  Stress free.  Smart.

Happy travels, from the team at Lapoche