Upcoming Eurosummer? A weekend wanderlust? Whatever time, whatever the place - Lapoche has all your packing needs sorted. 

Like using chopsticks or doing your tax return, packing effectively is one of those niche skills that never made it to the school curriculum. What to wear? What to bring? How is it all going to fit? Never fear, Lapoche is here to guide you from novice to premium packer - no uniform, no detentions and everyone receives a gold star at the end.



Luggage Organisers

Ace your attire.

Let’s keep it real - clothes are essential. And let’s be even more real - not all the clothes are essential. In order to beat the baggage limit and maximise your suitcase space, a little strategic thinking goes a long way. Take the time to try on all of your outfits in advance, paying close attention to your itinerary, your destination's weather and how the piece makes you feel. Once you’ve curated your wardrobe, divide by outfit and keep secure in its own luggage organiser - handy cubes designed to compress and keep crease free. Save one for your undergarments, activewear or even compartmentalise by piece, and enjoy the satisfaction of playing suitcase tetris. It’s less time getting dressed, more time having fun. 


Charger Bag

Take down those tangles.

As technology advances, so does the amount of cables required to keep it afloat. Laptops, phones, the works - all attached to a skinny cord that either gets left behind or lost in the abyss of your carry on, resulting in a wasted twenty minutes turning your bag upside down to prove its existence. This is where a dedicated charger bag comes in: compact enough for your carry on with reserved pockets for headphones, adaptors and all your tech needs, including a nifty handle for grab and go. For those who pack lighter on the tech front, use the extra space to hold your in-flight essentials. Here’s to staying in charge and on charge.



Multipurpose Pouch Set

Master the miscellaneous.

Bookmarks from street markets, a plethora of bandaids…there’s always a loose unit when it comes to packing. And while we can successfully factor in toiletries, clothes and shoes when orchestrating our suitcase - what about all your other things that don’t necessarily have a space? We say, multipurpose pouches. These pockets were specifically designed to help you stay on top of things:

  1. Use as a medical pack when going on outdoor expeditions.

  2. Fill with your inflight essentials - perfect size to sit in your seat back. 

  3. For those bringing multiple bags, reserve all your essentials in one pouch for an easy swap between purses. 

The best part is? They’re lightweight enough that it won’t add bulk or weight to your suitcase.