The Lapoche Lineup: April 2024

We’re back, back, back again - here to give you the lowdown on our team's favourite things from the month of April. Whether a new watering hole or a holiday hero, Lapoche has you covered.

Lenny's Wine Room, Richmond

While Fridays are all for winding down and logging out, our social girl’s pre-weekend catch-up became an unintentional work expedition when she found herself at Lenny’s. Reporting back to the team: “The vibes were high, the pours were reasonably priced and the opportunity to order Homeslice Pizza next door was a win in itself”, it became clear this was ending up on our end-of-month. For after work drinks, or a pre footy fuel - fair to say we’ve found a new favourite. 

Pair With: A Lapoche Shop Packable Shopper to hold one of the many bottles available for take-home. 



A Good Ol’ Fashioned Card Game

On our most recent shoot, our founder Beth brought along her ever-enthusiastic eleven-year-old, Ruby. Her choice of entertainment for the day? A good ol’ fashioned card game. Between many rounds of solitaire and a cheeky game of go-fish, the afternoon was filled with an unintentional program of brain training, strategy and improving short-term memory. All it takes is a pack of cards. 

Pair With: a Petite Lapoche Mini Pocket to store loose jokers and game winnings.


Sun Bum Sea Spray

Holidays are all about holiday hair - the tousled, effortless beach-to-bar ‘do that only comes from days in the sand and sun. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to fork out for a vacation every time we want to emulate that look, instead we’re here for Bum’s Sea Salt spray. Comfortable to wear, cruelty-free and neatly packaged, a brief mist of this stuff will result in the beachy waves of your dreams. 

Pair With: One of our brand-spanking-new Watertight Pouches - perfect for unsuspecting leaks. 


Alba Thermal Springs - Mornington Peninsula

For the ultimate wellness weekend, venture to the Alba Thermal Springs. Luxe, lush and sustainable, its consciously crafted curriculum spans thermal pools, plunge pools, steam rooms, spas, saunas and more. Once you're in the zone, swing by its in-house restaurant Thyme for tea, juice or even a tipple. Say hello, relaxo. 

Pair with: A Lapoche Beach Club Beach Bag to store your towels, books, togs and more.